Day 6: My siblings adore my game.

Well, it's day 6, progress has been slow, but my siblings (I have 9) have been begging to play my game. So here's a screenshot:

The black bar at the top shows the genotype of the currently selected creature.
I'm thinking that the game will become a puzzle/platformer where you have to breed certain creatures to pass certain parts of the level.

Because I don't believe in evolution, (This should be interesting right?) All the genetic information is there to begin with, but some of it are recessive traits or codominant. So different combinations of the genes produce different creatures. And when mutations do happen, they're all downhill mutations which essentially turn that gene off, which is not always a bad thing, but no genetic information is gained, the genes are just lost.

In the screenshot you can see a ball-like creature without legs, that is caused by a mutation on the leg genes, so the creature has lost the genetic information for legs, so it can't walk, but now it can bounce.

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I always found my sister to be one of the harshest critics of my games, so maybe you're onto a winner!
Hey this game is actually pretty fun, except it's easy to beat if you unfreeze the right guy. However the mutation and color stuff turns out funny little creatures all the time...
@Mihi: You beat it? Just out of curiousity what path did you take?
I unfroze the first other thing I could find (was frozen had immortality) not the mutation path...
@mihi: That's what you're supposed to do :P. There is no mutation path. The immortality genes are gone because of the mutations.