There'll be another time: Day 5-7 plan

Now that I have scaled back my design, I think I can complete this game.  It may only have 6 levels (5 at absolute worst) but I can get it done.  I can also take this later on and make it into a platforming library, even a fully developed engine.  then all you need is a different res directory, or a launcher menu to select which folder to use... but I'm getting ahead of myself, what I need to do over the next three days:

day 5:
complete ragdoll (classes done, but some debugging and tweaking needs to happen)
add in animated tiles (need to use the same class as non-animated, but that's why I have such a nice tile system)
have tiles affect player (more attributes!)
add in player powers
add in doors and switches (doors are no big deal, and switches shouldn't be either)

day 6:
retile (redo all the tiles (might keep one or two...))
create levels, and level linking
add music, find sounds, add them (switch changing, door open/close, begin, you loose, etc)
if time permits: more levels, ladders, teleporters (big if)

day 7:
rinse, repeat

"Move people, the corps ain't payin' us by the hour!" I'm goin' full speed ahead!