i have monsters being randomly generated along with a format that is loosely based off of biological DNA.  a creatures "DNA" is represented by a series of bytes.  even bytes are always a "gene", or marker of a particular quality in the creature.  the top nybble of odd bytes defines the "power" of the gene, while the bottom nybble is a mask.

mutations can be make by flipping bits in the DNA, and also by pairing sequences and doing bitwise operations on them.  

i've got some stuff worked out that will render what a creature would look like based on the dna.  there are 41 parameters, each with 7 levels of "power", but i've only got a few that are actually drawn.  so far it seems to work, but as you can see from the screen shot of the battle sequence, the creatures are really ugly!

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Is this more or less procedural pokemon because it looks amazing