I don't do bits and pieces: demo 2

I'm having trouble with the projectiles, so I'm uploading the next demo.  I think I'll upload a demo each day until my final final.  that should help some with getting it playable.  In the meantime, I'll implement an idea I had to reduce memory, by having the tiles point to their image, instead of holding a copy.  this will require some major changes to low level objects, wish me luck!

Mac Note: Something goes wrong when loading levels on a Mac, not sure what it is, but the image that the level uses returns a -1 as a color value in the array2d, causing problems.  I don't have access to a mac, so I'll be working blind in trying to fix that.  

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Should I be able to leave the level on the very right side?
by jumping over the wall? yes, it's the test level.  by being sucked through the wall, no, it shouldn't be doing that.
ATM, you should be able to fire arrows, but it's not working and makes it real laggy, need to work on those soon
Here's a freebie for the tiles:


One thing that bugs me is you can't go left through that hole in the middle of the level. When you jump to go through, you go too fast and shoot past the whole, and the collisions keep pushing you out of it. You probably aren't in the mood to keep tweaking the collisions, so just be aware of this when designing the levels.
Yeah, I know, it bugs the heck out of me, but like you said, I'm in no mood to mess with it, it works, I'm fine with just avoiding jumping into 2 block spaces.  I do need to fix the entity collisions, I'll do that then continue doing the ragdoll and more tiles, working on air dimension... what would be a good secondary tile aside from wood...