"get to work Noble!": Day 4-7 plan

Okay, Here's my plan for the rest of the week:

day 4: 
get ragdolls working (no dismemberment ATM, will be added given time)

get projectiles working (not being created... I'm looking into it)
add animated entities

create bullets that don't have trajectories
add in various abilities

day 5:
Add in UI, both HUD and menu
add between-level movement
add death as a possibility for player
add AI enemies, with simple movement
add saving

day 6:
create levels and tiles 
create music and get sounds

day 7:
first final upload
add in easter eggs
next final upload (if possible)

That should work, but I have 1 more day to finish the core engine... not liking that thought, but sitting here typing isn't helping that, expect frequent updates