Tri-state logic is the mamba's natural habitat

Although progress is still slow (nobody has much time this week), we managed quite a bit more today than yesterday.
  • The snake now has had plastic surgery getting a nice segmented body with a head and tail. It still has endearing quirks to it's movement: After a good hour's head-scratching crawling lessons, it can move smoothly in some directions. Earlier this evening, it loved climbing the screen a little too much. Then, decapitated itself if you went down-screen. But while I was writing this entry, it appears to have been tamed.
  • We have "locked" level button widgets for a "levels" screen
  • And we spent way too much (> 0) time fighting and debugging the pyflakes + pep8 commit hooks.
  • The start and end points are pretty arrows, rather than confusing stars
  • We have rats (or are they mice?), and frogs.
  • The level editor is coming together, and can now paint pretty levels. I predict the arrivals of new levels tomorrow.