Starting from the, er... And then working up.

Two days in and I'm quite pleased so far. Spent quite a lot of time tuning the simulation so that it gives the player a chance of winning. Tomorrow is going to be about the web stuff which is a key aspect of the game.

Web Game doesn't grab people as much as, say, beautifully transparent procedurally generated manga babes, but here's the back story to try and get you in the mood:

Joining the Volunteer Reserve was just a way of earning a few
extra quid every month. You never thought you'd actually hear
the attack siren. Have to find your OP key. Drive to the hill
above the town.

Seal yourself inside.

Log on to the Dispatch Net.

You are hung over and have never read the operating manual. But
there are some people who need you to do something. Quickly.

They are waiting on your order to distribute Retro-mutagen 54A-6.
It needs to be deployed into the drinking water, but supplies
are limited so you need to time each delivery according to local

Things wouldn't be so bad if you had a proper phone. But this old
RAF comms net only delivers messages by fax. And some bright spark
thought it would be a good idea to keep those fax numbers...

In The Cloud.

The piece of wet string which is your WAN connection also delivers
operational information via a beautifully designed Web API. The
trouble is, as each of England's counties is lost to hordes of
unspeakably modified but highly aggressive taxpayers (and others),
your ability to access these resources is progressively reduced.

Can you stay online long enough to make a difference? Or should
you just wait until the worst is over and come out with your hands

Actually, you don't have that choice. In this game you're most likely
to throw your mouse at the wall and then die.