I need a weapon: day 2

Actually, I need to figure out my physics.  I got my scrolling system done finally, and I think I can change one method and add one more in the level class to be able to call it complete.  I added a bunch of physics code to the player update function, but it had tons of problems and is a mess.  So now I'm going up two levels in the hierarchy and putting in vector physics and map collision there.  This will allow all moving objects to have the same system and automatic collision.  I'll be using the Vec2d class from the pygame cookbook to save time.  (this will make explosions much easier to code [insert manic laughter])  I'll be working for a while longer, but I needed a break and figured that I had made enough progress to warrant a day synopsis.  I do wonder if I'm posting too much... nah!

-Python Jedi