Day 2 - World View

Looks as though I (bitcraft) will be doing most of the work here as the other member crunches his game design podcast "A Fistful of Pixels" this week.  Check it out on twitter @FistfulofPixels and iTunes.

The concept for this game is a monster hunting game with a pokemon-esque battle mechanic.  We'll see how far this goes in a week.  Will be using much of the graphics and sound library from
Nein, our last pyweek entry, and also my International Katate inspired fighting game/framework.

So far, a scrolling map can be moved around in what I am calling "big maps".  This mapping system uses tiles, but unlike most tiling engines, each tile is unique.  Combined with an image splitter, you can prepare a game world entirely in one image, and the game will only load parts of the image that are actually used.  Rendering is done in a separate thread, so movement is smooth as tiles are being loaded from the disk.

Tonight I'd like to get some menus going and maybe some basic AI on the NPC's.