First entry!

So this is my first time in PyWeek. Yay! really exciting!

Wanted to participate a few times before but lack of time ( which still is the case ) and me forgetting the dates been stopping me.

This time I decided I'd give it a go!

Started thinking of an simple game idea, havn't had time to think much about it before the start.
I realised that I wouldn't have much time to build a complex game since I have some seriously big deadlines this week at work and will be spending a great deal of the days coding so we can make it.

After about one hour I got myself an pretty decent simple game idea I thought would be fun and started getting my tools togheter.

First off was to install python and pyglet ( since my computer got totally wiped by an crazy virus the other day ) which I plan to use during this project.

After that I got on with building up my game with some basic drawing and eventhandling.
Loading a simple 2D map with some tiles and my character being able to run around.

About 4 hours well spent.

Today I had to work really late and got home about 22 pm.
Really wanted to get some work done on the game before bed so the coffee-pot was getting to work.

Did some re-designing of the game today, instead of loading maps I thought Id save some time having the map being generated at runtime. Not just saving time I thought this would make the game more exciting getting to play a new map every time.

Rewrote the mapsystem to divide the map into chunks and generate them when needed.
I think I got it working fairly well!

So now after about 1½ hour spent I'll get to bed.

Won't spoil to much about the my game idea yet since it will probably change some before the end.
The basic plan is simple though, you need to survive as long as you can from attacking mutants while still having some objective's to do that will give you more points.

Name of game coming soon!

Good Night!