Err... I am supposed to talk?

Hi all!
So, I was supposed to say something? Better late than never I guess...
Anyway, what a good news the theme anouncement was!
The theme "Mutate!" was the first to draw my intention, and it stole me a few hours of sleep, while my sick mind was trying to apply the "Mutate!" theme to a bullet hell.
So, my game was mostly ready in my head before the start of the challenge!
In addition, I was working on a bullet hell reimplementation right before the compo, so, I have everything in mind. It leads to really similar code organization (mostly the same module names, and the code is probably similar in a lot of ways, too), and things like that, but I did not look at my original code *at all* once Foreseen Yet Unpredictable Invader started.
Now, I'm going back to add a few missing gameplay features in FyUI!