Keeping it real

The setting for the game is going to be the whole area of the UK (or maybe just England, depending on time constraints). I'm going to be using real locations to try and make The Web is Dead as immersive as possible.

I was surprised how difficult it was to find good figures on population; which towns belong in which counties etc.

Despite our Office of National Statistics making obscure data available as Excel spreadsheets or Access databases (!), in the end Wikipedia gave me what I needed. Lots of data entry to do, though, which is delaying my starting of the game code.

This map has been a massive help:

I'm using altgraph to store the topology:

This paper looks very promising as a way of modelling mutation:

Although I probably won't have time to use any of this:

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You could have also used Postcode maps from, there database is more upto date.