Day 1.5

Last night at 7pm I awoke (after a benadryl-induced nap) to discover that the contest had started earlier than expected (5pm Pacific Time to be exact).  One teammate and I discussed a few details about the project, and fleshed out the idea.  

Today at 1:30pm the four programmers met to discuss the project:  
1. We will use pygame as the underlying engine
2. We use MVC architecture to separate the data from the logic from the view
3. Details of the game will be shared later, for now we are just happy to agree on something.  

A group of 4 people with different ideas of how to accomplish something can make it difficult to come together on a design and effort, but somehow we are making it work.

Accomplishments so far:
1. Keyboard input accepts arrow keys to move and esc to quit
2. Tiles display on map from CSV format
3. Characters appear on map, but in the wrong places.  Working on the math for this will be a bit complicated for me.

Good luck to all the contestants!

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Making the map wrap and working on the computer AI took up the bulk of our time, and we didn't get to finish the AI or really polish the stats and attack/defense strategies so that the game would be truly fun.  We have the base of something that could potentially be good, but falls somewhat short of our goals.

The controls were something that in retrospect may not be obvious at first try.  In level 1 and level 4, tapping any direction increases or decreases your velocity in that direction.  You may be tempted to hold the arrow keys down, which makes sense, but unfortunately is not how I implemented it.  Next time, next time...
Level 2 and 3 controls respond more naturally, allowing your character to move in the direction of the pressed key while it is pressed down, and stopping when you release the key.

There were four levels created:

The first level is just drifting through the primordial goo of life's birth, eating the competition.  Once you 'collect' all the 'powerups', you are given the option to evolve to something better able to defend oneself.

Unfortunately, you now have a rival.  In level 2, you must quickly devour powerups faster than the computer does, or else he will be more powerful than you. With this round over, you can evolve again.

In level 3, you gather more powerups and attack the computer.  When you have completed this task, you can evolve again.

Level 4 is the final level we built, the final showdown between you and two computer rivals.  What will happen? The rest is up to you.