Prepare to drop: day 0.5

Oh boy... This will be fun.  I've got my plot lined up and basic class diagram set up.  Mercurial repository is initialized, gameplay mechanics are ready to be written out on the morrow, music is ready to be generated, fonts waiting to be found, graphics are forming in my mind, yup, sounds like many other pyweek first diaries I've read.  See my entry for basic idea.

Note: I will try to title each post with a line from my favorite game series: Halo! This is the name of the first level from H3: ODST.

Note 2: This is day 0.5 since UTC 00:00 is 8:00 P.M. here, and I don't really get a full day today (9/10/2011).  I put in 1.5 hours of work and .5 hours of reporting.  I will then add in .5 hours of preparing to go to bed and then sleep.

Keep coding!