Release information

Ok, that's it, I'm done, I've finally uploaded what I consider to be the final version of my game. In this minor release,
On a related note, I swear, every time I make a new upload I'm afraid to death it won't work, or the file will corrupt somehow, or anything. In fact, I think I won't erase my second-to-last file, you know, just in case.

Now that I'm done with my game, it's time to start judging everyone else's entries - on the other hand, I'm not really excited about everyone else judging my entry...

Good luck to everyone!

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Occasional crash when joining games:

Also, you probably want: SO_REUSEADDR

Love the game!
Sorry to disappoint you, but that stack trace is not from my game! I don't have a "" file :D On the other hand, if you marked my game as "doesn't work", well, good thing you told me :)
Whoops no idea how that ended up on this diary entry, it was meant for wasabi. I enjoyed this one too.