I just realized, I created four voices (12-1 to 12-4) for when a board gets cleared. I completely forgot to code the triggers for those voices...derp. Also, I meant to create voices for when you click on the computer's face...derp. Also, one of the voices is "derp" and it does work...derp.

But other than that, Tic-Tac-Toe Squared is finished, uploaded, and I think it's f***ing awesome.
This was my first PyWeek and I really enjoyed it. I plan to participate in it again.

=Nerdfighter Math

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I must concur - the game is awesome.
Shame it doesn't work on linux, check your case sensitivity.
/me goes to waste the next hour of his life renaming your files...
What does it need to work on linux?
As with the other comments, please get your filenames correct. Other operating systems are case sensitive in their paths and this does not work for us.