Basic concept is complete!

I've completed the basic game I set out to make when I started:
  1. You're a rabbit who's hungry and can eat food from a garden,
  2. The farmer will notice and try to catch you, and
  3. You can hide from the farmer by digging underground.
The game detects when you've been caught and when you've eaten enough to satisfy your hunger.

I also got the level editor mostly working today -- I couldn't get picking working while drawing the map in perspective so I switched back to ortho, and the lighting worked. No idea why it works now and didn't before. My next step is to bring up a little menu with actions (rotate, delete, move) when you click on an object in the map.

I have some additional ideas for gameplay, but I'd welcome suggestions. First up will be the introduction of a "hard" mode which has a timer, and you must eat up before the timer runs out.

Also the collision detection / response is a little dodgy in places and I'd like to clean it up...

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Maybe you could have a mode where your competing with a gopher for the food.
And the farmer goes after which ever one is closer and not in a hole?
Then it could be a "dodge the farmer and race the gopher, who is also dodging the farmer" game :D.

And maybe some bigger fields would be nice after a few rounds :)
Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress?
Am I the only one who doesn't want a White Dress?