7 days and one game later

Well, that's it. Even if I wanted to, there is no time to make any other change. That's it, "The City Nine Times" is out there, and I need to write something because I just can't stop typing (after typing so much in so little time, my hands gained conscience and want to keep going).

First of all, I wanted to put this on the Readme, but I couldn't make it (and now I can't). My game is based on an old game I received in a CD once, called "Salary Mon". I wanted to give credit to the author with a link, but the fact is that this entry may as well be the only remaining trace of his game on the internet, since the site was hosted in Geocities and is now gone, just like the magazine.

Onto the game itself, I can seriously say that I can't remember when was the last time I worked so hard. The final count gives 160 individual animation frames, all made by hand, along with 1841 lines of code. Honestly, i don't know if that's a lot or not, but considering this is my first time programming with Python (I started practicing three weeks ago, and I never touched Python before that, so I guess is "mission accomplished" for the Pyweek guys), I'm kind of proud of it.

I'll take a break now. If I remember correctly, I have a dog and a cat somewhere, so assuming they didn't left me I think I'll give them some love. Maybe later I'll write about the main points of making this game, but my mind is leaving me.

Good luck everyone!

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