Blimey. Done.

Wow. I just finished the tweaking that has gone on all evening and I have uploaded my final version. 

This week has been a huge amount of fun, and I really hope that you all enjoy my little game.

The idea is to defeat 9 waves of increasingly irate and difficult to kill aliens. The twist is that you control two ships at once.

Use the z and x keys to fire, and the cursor keys to move the ships.

I haven't created any binary executables, sorry, as I ran out of time. I have used the Skellington 2.3 structure though so just and away you go.

I have learned a lot about Python this week, and have really fallen in love with the language. I discovered better ways to do a lot of things and as such my code is patchy with regards to quality and Pythonic-ness :-)

I think that's it. Right... I'll leave you all to it, and I'll look forward to taking a look at what everyone else has come up with.



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I forgot to mention that I have uploaded a selection of backups from the past week, so you can see the evolution of the game, if you really want to :-).

A list of 9s from my game:
- 9 attack waves
- player shield can withstand 9 direct hits
- game features only 9 colours
- game title is 9 letters

I think that's it. Time for bed, I reckon.
Nice! I had fun a few PyWeeks back by going back over the daily hg repository state and producing snapshots. I created a presentation around it:
Thanks for the link :-). I find the process and evolution of projects like these one week games fascinating.
works on a mac!  i like the concept, i'll be playing this later.
This is fun :) I was surprised by how quickly I got used to controlling two ships at once!
Thanks for the comments guys - I'm glad the concept worked out like it did :-)
This is a very addictive game, awesome job davec!
Thanks :-D