Nerdfighter Math: Day 8 FINAL Update


4:40 PM - I've been working on school stuff all day. Next week, I have a Java test, a paper due, an English group project to be prepared for, a pair programming/linear algebra assignment due, and a couple weeks from now, I have finals. But as it is, the deadline for PyWeek is in 3-4 hours so I need to finish up what I need to finish up. Things I intend to finish: hard mode, extra voice clips, add sound clip for moving, and reupdate voice to face dictionary.

6:30 - 90 minutes to go. I've recorded and edited the final voice clips, updated the face dictionary, finalized hard mode (or at least as hard as I can think to make it). We're almost done here

7:00 - 1 hour left and I'm pretty much done coding. I just need to make an .exe version and upload them together with the source code. Unfortunately, I could NOT FIGURE OUT how to make OGG work, so I had to use WAV files, which are so incredibly uncompressed that the audio takes up 97% of the memory of the game, which is about 30 MB. The game itself is less than 1 MB.

7:25 - Okay, I'm done, both the source and the executable versions of the game are uploaded, so...yeah, I'm done. I'm still a bit mad that the files are so fricking big because of the sound files, but I can't do anything about that now.

So Tic-Tac-Toe Squared is done. I hope you enjoy it.