I should go to sleep...

... but is hard to do it when your game is almost ready, but needs a few sounds, and an intro screen, and a game over screen, and some playtesting, and a few tweaks for the difficulty, and... well, you get the drill.

Today something really weird happened to me: I actually had fun playing my game! Not too much fun, true, but I've somehow reached that mythical point in which you actually have a game, not just a bunch of moving sprites.

There are a few ideas that, unfortunately, will have to get cut. Background music sounds like one of those things ("sounds like it", get it? hahaha), although if a find a nice free MIDI I may change my mind (meanwhile, The Freesound Project seems to be really, really helpful for the sound effects). i don't know how many levels I'll get to make - they are fairly easy to write, but unfortunately playing and testing them is, well, harder. I hope I get to release at least 10 fun levels, and 30 so-so. In a future, a random level generator is a must.

I see some people have already finished their projects. Kudos to them, and I'm looking forward to play and test them. I don't have the slightest idea about how hard the competition will be, but hey, it's not the time to give up!

Good luck everyone!