End of Day 6

Lines of code: 1939

I'm not going to spoil the surprise by posting any more commit log, videos, pictures, or sound. You'll just have to play it to find out!

Things are progressing on track. I already have something playable and working right now, all that needs doing is some more levels and bug fixes.

Good news - Tyler managed to get his computer working and make an awesome track.

I really need sleep but I'm going to be out and about for another 10 hours. I can do this.

Day 7 (half-day):
I'd really like to, but probably not going to get to these, unfortunately:

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  • critical bug: if you die several times, memory keeps expanding and sound stops working
I'd call that a feature: after you lose several times, the game forces you to quit, giving you some time to either think about what is failing in your strategy, or to calm down your rage and go back :D