Nerdfighter Math: Day 6 Update


11:50 AM - Just updated the voice-to-face dictionary to include the new faces.

12:50 PM - Made a slight tweak to the CPU hard mode. It's hard to test if it works, but I think it works.

3:50 PM - I've implemented the condition that you have to beat easy to play normal, and beat normal to play hard.

5:00 PM - List of things I still need to do: Make the instruction pages, change the "theme" button on the menu into "How to play" (there will not be multiple themes), record and add new voice clips, finalize AI for "hard" mode, update some of the graphics so they look nicer, display cpu speed for cpu vs cpu, disallow X/O animation changing when clicking inside the grid on the menu

6:10 PM - Instructions (How to Play) is implemented and the menu has been updated to include an instructions button.