Wednesday: a long due update

Well, after my internet crashed on Tuesday (taking my daily post with it), I think it's time to give a status update.

First of all, and most important, I ALREADY HAVE A GAME! A boring one, not truly exciting, but at least something playable - all I have to do to save face on the contest is create 10 random levels and call it a day - let's just hope I won't have to settle for that :)

Onto the details, the graphics are by far what is killing me. For instance, I just changed the way transparency is handled (it just looked too blocky), but now I have to re-resize at least 40 animation frames, each by hand, and my character still can't walk up :-\ . Same thing with the status bar: it works, but I just can't make it look nice...

Talking about useless stuff, I also had an epiphany, and now I have a title for my game! It will be called either "City Nine News" or "Nine City News", and the logo may or may not look similar to the one of a certain news network (you may have already guessed which one). Sound, unfortunately, will suffer a lot: first, because tomorrow I'll spend my entire morning (and half my afternoon) with a client who lives 100 miles away from home; second, because it turns out the tickets I bought in January for Roxette are for tomorrow night, so goodbye Thursday :P . I guess I'll have to settle for some random Creative Commons tune.

Last, and probably least, I'm adding a new screenshot, this time from the game. You can see that my guy is surrounded by a dark square. That's not because he's in front of a trans-dimensional door (because, among other things, that would have been awesome, so naturally I never thought about that), but because that's what I meant when I said I messed up the transparency :-\

Good luck, everyone! See you on Friday, I hope. In the meanwhile, please try not to do much, or you'll leave me behind, and you don't want that, right?