Day 4: Killing things

Although one member of our team has been laid low by the lurgi, the rest of us bravely faced latent infection and got together for a hacking session in the evening (and so the mead was broken out purely as a medicinal precaution). The session was fairly productive, and the game is almost, but not quite, at the stage where the first level is playable.

Numerous tweaks and fixes were made, and some of the code moved from marginally OK to horribly hack'ish but kinda works, but overall the results are starting to look good. Basic support for attacks, some support for interacting with items, various tweaks to the game to behave more like a tradional platform game, and a whole lot of work on the NPC's happened, and we've also started with the design of the final game levels.

There are still a few key features to iron out, but we should be able to add those quickly now. Then we just need to fill in all the planned content before the deadline, and everything will be fine.