Day... FOUR?!

Day what?! Oh dear. Time is slipping through my grasp. Never mind. Onwards.

The game is taking shape nicely... the players missiles / bullets / whatever can now blow them scum sucking aliens out of the sky (or space or whatever... I'm rather tired), there is a scoring system, and three different types of aliens to blow away. I was hoping for 9 but that is stretching things a little given the current 3 day and 41 minute deadline. I have booked Friday off work to try and claw back some lovely precious wonderful time. 

I am having so much fun :-). It's refreshing after years of coding boring database applications to actually make something that involves exploding aliens and such.

Also... a tip. It's not a good idea to try to watch Boardwalk Empire while coding your PyWeek game. I found that out the hard way.
Righty. To bed.

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Yeah! Exploding aliens! And Such! :-)