Nerdfighter Math: Day 4 Update


11:50 - My classes are really cutting in o_O. My one goal today is to get all my audio recorded and edited into sound clips.

12:50 - I've implemented the options for player vs player, player vs cpu (easy, normal, hard), and cpu vs cpu. That last one is very intersting, especially when the turns are 100 milliseconds each.

1:15 PM - Voice and fullscreen toggle buttons are usable.

6:30 PM - Note: cpu vs cpu looks even cooler when turns are 10 milliseconds each. I must find a way to let the user choose how fast turns are. As it turns out, when two computers have filled in 7 of the 8 large squares, they will NEVER fill in the last one because they will always tie. I don't know if I can do anything about that.

6:50 PM - Voice and fullscreen toggle buttons now show "On" or "Off" instead of "On/Off"

8:00 PM - Just recorded the cpu voice audio. Now to edit it.

9:00 PM - Out of my work, I have made 62 audio clips with a mild robotic-sounding filter. I wish I could keep working, but I have school crap to study for.