Idea - Progress

Going for a platformer that will involve some insane skillz.

Currently got moving jumping, a couple of sprites and most level designs done. Both of us are programmers so it took me ages just to get a crummy walking animation going. Also my friend is new to the scene so I've written everything in functions lol. Hopefully, we finish this thing. Might need to go for an all-nighter on saturday.

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I think you over-estimate how much an all-nighter accomplishes...
Indeed, I've had to cut out lots before due to not accomplishing what I wanted to on the Saturday night.

Another way of putting it: Caffeine kills code.
Sorry dudes but I do all nighters without caffeine. Nah I think we're gonna need the all-nighter to test levels and tweak their design.
Indeed Trub Trub. I can accompany you on the all-nighter. Lol, I have to tutor someone the next morning. It's going to be heccers