I have 2 hours left to sleep before I'll be dragged off kicking and screaming to a vacation in Rome. No, I'm looking forward to it, but I wish it would not coincide with PyWeek. I got something working anyway, so I may end up not sneaking out in the middle of the night to work on version 1.1.

Some drawings are terrible, it's missing a menu and sound effects. Sure, more items / locations / characters would also be nice to have, and I'm not even sure the story is comprehensible. Enjoy it anyway :). I'll be back for the judging period and I'm looking forward to your creations!

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I keep getting eaten by the pissed off alien from the screenshot :-(
I've added a file with hints now. But the screenshot should be a big hint for you, Super Joe!

I've also added sound effects. Like with the drawings, there were no second takes here, so approach with caution! The sounds were recorded around midnight in a hotel room with my wife who fell asleep half-way through. The victory song for example is sung at a voice that would hopefully not wake her. It will still probably drive anyone with a good ear to insanity :).