Days 1-2

Progress got off to a flying start and i was making excellent headway until a few uncrushable bugs started to work their way in.

Finally i got to a point where it was much easier to just ditch the offending objects and recode them. Many hours latter and i was still running into the same bugs of tiles not being rotated correctly, sometimes. Eventually the offender was tracked down, it turned out to be one of the first functions i had written, a simple little function to cycle a list forwards or backwards, and it only worked going forwards.

def cycle_list(tlist,direction):
    tlist = tlist[:]
    for x in range(abs(direction)):
        if direction > 0:
    return tlist

So the tiny mistake of forgetting to pass 0 to pop cost me about 6 hours of programming time. Complaining aside it works now and can generate a full 9x9 board. I have added weighting so some tiles are more likely to be chosen than others to try and generate a less erratic board but if i have time i would like to add some heuristics to try and make it favor forming larger cities over many small ones.

By tomorrow i hope to have unused tiles sitting in a tray on the right (scaled down) and be able to drag and drop them around on the grid, and if i am going really well hopefully a good start on the scoring code too.

I have also managed to rope in a friend to attempt drawing up some nicer tiles for me.

I commend you if you have read this far though the haze of poor spelling and grammar.

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Those kinds of bugs bite all of us at some point. Today I wasted a bunch of time trying to nut out why stuff wasn't being displayed. I'd forgotten to .add() it all to the scene :-)
I like to call those kinds of bugs "Spot The Fail."

This game is looking interesting. I'm looking forward to play it.