Nerdfighter Math: Day 3 Update


3:00 PM - I've been forgetting to update. I got some work done between classes...and during classes (yes, I'm a terrible person). The main thing I've been doing is refining the cpu class so it makes better decisions. Also, I noticed a bug where a cpu will interrupt itself while talking. So, I've made it so that the cpu will finish talking before it moves. However, the player can still interrupt the cpu by moving. I'm thinking my next step is recording my official voice clips for the game and updating the hud on the right side of the screen so it says something informative. Currently, it only shows the icon of the current player.

6:00 PM - spent the last half an hour or so thinking of cpu dialogue. I'm trying to incorporate memes, quotes, and such, which is why it's taking so long. I'm gonna try to record the audio today and start working on a good voice filter.

6:20 PM - I lost a game to my cpu...I have created a monster!

10:45 PM - ANIMATIONS!...AND A MENU!... so yeah, those. Actually, the animations are just Xs and Os scrolling down the page while the game is playing and across the page in the menu. The menu consists of the title and a tic-tac-toe board with 9 options: player v player, cpu v cpu, player vs cpu (easy, normal, hard), theme toggle, voice toggle, fullscreen toggle, and quit. I'll probably upload a picture of it.

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Sounds fun. I'm looking forward to trying it out.