Monday almost done

Well, there goes Monday. Somehow, I managed to have the engine semy-ready (screenshots tomorrow), wrote a couple classes for the "bad guys", and polished the goal system (in my I-sure-hope-so soon-to-be-released game, you have goals to reach in a certain time).

So far, I'm having fun learning Python (that's the idea of Pyweek, right?), although I don't know what would I do without internet forums :P. Tomorrow, if I'm lucky, I'll have all base graphics done (I have 3 out of about 14 "bad guys" coded and sketched), and the engine should be completely done. Music, I'm afraid, may have to be chosen online (I was hoping I could record some simple tune by myself, but Wednesday and Thursday will be a little complicated, specially considering I already bought my tickets to see Roxette on February, and I don't think the crowd would be pleased with a guy with a laptop asking everyone to be quiet :P ).

And, of course, work will be on the way somehow. I already lost a customer, but hey, you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, right?

Good luck, everyone! See you tomorrow!