Day Two

Day two flew by, mainly because of that pesky job thing they keep making me go to.

Anyway... long story short (because I have to get up for said job thing in around 5 and a bit hours) I have added a starfield, some chunky enemy sprites, some very chunky player bullets that work and everything, and am overall happy with the progress.

I have added yet another '9' element to the game: because I want the GFX to be chunky pixel type affairs I am limiting my palette for the whole game to 9 colours. I'm sure there are more ways to shoehorn '9' in somewhere.

I'm never going to win awards for my graphic design skills, but I'm confident it will be fun to play :)

5 days and 30 minutes to go. Eeek.

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Actually, it's 5 days and 10 minutes. No wait, 9 minutes.
I think you will find, Richard, that there are currently 4 days 16 hours and 17 minutes to go :-)

Anyhoo, seeing as the file upload is fixed I uploaded my first screenshot. Also, I am definitely not posting this from work. Shhhhhh,