End of Day 2

Here I am at the end of day 2. According to git log, here's what I've done today:

Lines of code so far: 542. This is interesting because yesterdays LOC count was 612. After a full day's work and several new features, I ended up with less code. Three cheers for good design!

I'm now using Tiled for editing, which is way nicer than my own hacked up piece of crap level editor. I had fun deleting that.

Thanks to the display engine rewrite (I simply use glTranslatef instead of manually positioning every sprite), all my FPS worries are gone. I'm well above 60. However I have a new problem: weird line artifacts appearing on sprites. It seems almost as if the bottom row of pixels of every sprite is displaying on the top of the sprite instead. You can see it in the screenshot - there isn't supposed to be a flickering  line on the spikes.


Next up on the TODO list: use the nifty level editor to create more tiles and a fun and legit Level 1. Then begin to do whatever game upgrades necessary to make Level 1 work. This may involve doing some (shudder) animations.

I should begin to think about music and sound effects too. I am considering making the background music myself. I have been known to make some music in FL Studio. I think it would be fun if some parts of the level pulsated to the beat of the music.

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Your "weird line artifacts appearing on sprites" will be due to sub-pixel positioning of the image. Ensure your glTranslate (etc.) coordinates are all rounded integers - accurate pixel positioning.
Thanks! You saved me at least an hour of troubleshooting.
Note that pyglet sprites (pyglet.sprite.Sprite) force integer positioning for just this reason.