Coming up with a concept

Of all of the possible themes to be chosen 9 times was by far the most difficult for me to come up with a game concept because of which my game might not be the most original, but is more a mash together of a few different games that are currently out there.

Well anyway eventualy i came up with the idea for citySquare. In citySquare the user will be given 81 tiles and will have a certain amount of time to arrange them on a 9x9 Grid.

Each of the tile's edges can be either grass, road or city. The player has to place and arrange the tiles to gain as many points as possible.

Points will be awarded when time runs out for completed cities and roads but subtracted for any that are unfinished, with a bonus if all of the tiles are used to make a "perfect city"

The scoring system will reward players for bigger cities much more than for smaller ones, e.g. a city spanning 4 tiles would be given more points than 2 cities spanning 2 tiles.

If I have time I would like to add an additional game mode that just allows you to time how long it takes you to arrange your tiles to make a "perfect city"

All opinions or critiques are welcome