Nerdfighter Math: Day 2 Update


11:00 AM - Overslept, must start working. As I went to bed last night, I came up with the idea of developing AI that would pose as a computer. I have no idea how I'm going to do it, but I think it would make the game so much better. Also, I'm thinking of putting my own voice in the game, where the computer would react by playing my voice whenever something happens. First, I'm gonna make sure everything else from yesterday is solid.

11:40 AM - Managed to create a computer player class, but it's hardly AI. For now, it just randomly chooses an open spot on the board regardless of strategy.

12:30 PM - The computer now has the ability to recognize priority spaces. The cpu reads all the two-in-a-rows and one-in-a-rows for X and O. The cpu will move based on these priorities: blocking a player's two-in-a-row has highest priority, filling its own two-in-a-row has next priority, blocking a player's one-in-a-row has next priority, adding to its own one-in-a-row has lowest priority. In the case where the cpu cannot fill achieve any of it's priorities, it will fill a completely random space.

1:00 PM - Right now, I'm writing out lines for the computer to say when stuff happens. I've decided that the cpu will be rather sarcastic, sadistic, and kind of a jerk XD

2:40 PM - I'm starting to incorporate my voice into the game. Right now the voices are just placeholders. For example, when a human player blocks a cpu's two-in-a-row, it will say "Player blocks two-in-a-row" but during the final version, it might say say something like "NOOOOOOOOOOO" or "You're mean" or "Why did you do that"

5:30 PM - I've had to take quite a break because I have a test tomorrow. Most of the voice triggers are in place. Now I need to record multiple speech outcomes for different scenarios so that the player doesn't hear the same speeches over and over again. Also, I need to optimize the algorithms for cpu spot selection.

12:00 AM - Haven't gotten much work done, because of that test tomorrow. I'll try to make time during the week to keep working.

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If you doing that you so need the glados voice
Good luck with that test. :)
I'm sure to do some voice filter, but I don't know if I can make myself sound like glados...maybe the turrets...or Wheatley