The Roar: An adventure game emerges

When I first saw the themes I ranked "Nine Times" highest, but after a week I changed my vote and moved it to the last position. I think it is easy to superficially satisfy (for example with a platformer where you get 9 lives or have to collect 9 treasures) but hard to build a game around as a core. Many diaries however already showcase fantastic ideas and prototypes, so I expect to be pleasantly surprised.

I am also pretty happy with our take on it: it's an adventure game where you make decisions at 9 critical points in time. You can freely move back and forth and revise your choices until you get the desired results.

I loved Suspended Sentence last year and it made me realize that while adventure games need a bunch of assets they are not uneconomical. It takes a lot of time to fine-tune an action game or logic puzzle to get the difficulty and feel right, and if you get it wrong it can bury the game. An adventure game however will still be fun even if it's a little too easy or too hard. Tweaking is not critical.

Anyway, I've got a lot of drawing to do!

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Damn, this is way too close to an idea I had late last night (though different, I believe, in a couple of areas) ... I wonder whether we can get away with both attempting it?
I wouldn't worry about that, Richard. Even if you used the exact same code as I, the story would be radically different. That is unless your hero is also a lion tamer with a dark secret :).
It's awesome to hear Suspended Sentence mentioned. Looking forward to your adventure game!  We are in the process of struggling with said tweaking in our first arcadish PyWeek entry (the previous two were both without any real-time control worries).