A hot day

"The skaapsteker is an alert, somewhat nervous snake that is capable of very rapid movement on a hot day"

The morning started out nervous, but things got pretty hot later into the evening.

We came into this PyWeek thinking we'd like to write a platformer of some sort. We then spent the morning designing 3 completely different games (inspired by the theme) before finally settling on a platformer. Hopefully we'll remember those designs, and implement them in the future.

Our coders are overjoyed this PyWeek, as we can all code and don't have to learn how to draw. We really scored by getting not only a dedicated artist (oliverh), but a story designer (Ravenna) too.

Status: The broad game layout is done, and we have a full story in progress. We have a level loader, some dummy graphics, a couple of backgrounds and main character animations drawn, and a bunch of crazy levels (that probably (hopefully?) bear no relation to the final game). We have crazy bouncing physics (which apparently mean we should have used a physics engine).

Next steps:

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Pretty! Looking forward to it :-)
I'm hoping the prettiness will cause judges to overlook the final product's other faults. :)