First day impressions

Well, firstly, "Nine times" was not my favourite theme (I was praying for "A fry cook on Venus" to win) but I didn't find too difficult to create an idea in my brain :-)

The story will be about a happy couple broken by a salsa dancer. After an incredible dancing, the girl fall in love with the salsa dancer, leaving the initial guy sad... but, in a dream, the Salsa King will give our protagonist the key to get his ex-girlfriend back: challenge the salsa dancer, and the winner of 9 dancings, will keep with the girl. Obviously, this will be the task of the player, help our newbie dancer to win the challenge and get the girl back.

Let's see how it will be implemented in the end.

For now, only a background of the salsa-bar where the action will take place (as screenshot) and very few programming: intro left to the end if I have time, a small menu, and the game start with the background; nothing else.

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Good Job man ^^
Try to kinect it, it can be fun :)