Nerdfighter Math: Day 1 Update

(Due to time zones, my "Day 1" is Saturday and my "Day 8" will be the next Saturday. Even though I might sometimes go past midnight, I'll still consider it the same day until I go to bed.)


8 PM - The competition has started. The theme is Nine Times, which is the theme I was really hoping for. The game will be called "Tic-Tac-Toe Squared" and that is all I will say about it for now. The first thing I'm doing is designing the main board for the game. I don't know if people usually start with the graphics before the programming, but I guess that's just my style o_o.

8:30 PM - The graphics of the main board is done. Now I will start with the basic pygame programming.

9:15 PM - I have defined the classes for SmallBoard and BigBoard. A SmallBoard is a single Tic-Tac-Toe board and BigBoard is made up of 9 SmallBoards with some extra functionality. They are not finished, but a lot of the functionality is implemented. Now I will make the graphics for X and O.

10:10 PM - Graphics for X and O are made. The game now allows players to click on tiles on the board and have that tile be filled in with an X or an O. Winning has not been implemented yet. Off to make more graphics.

11:10 PM - The game now shows restrictions where players cannot use, although it looks slightly confusing now. These restrictions will be explained in the game.

11:50 PM - Updated some more graphics. As far as regular gameplay goes, the game does pretty much what I want it do except what it does when someone wins the whole game. Taking a break now.

12:55 AM - After a good break, I went back and quickly implemented the logic for when a player wins. I'm probably going to stop for the night. I've already gotten the main interface of the game in place, although with less than 5 hours of work, it doesn't look fantastic, but I am glad to have gotten this much work done in one night. Stuff I need to add later includes a menu, better graphics, sounds, and possibly animations. I was going to upload a screenshot of my game so far, but that part of the website seems to be broken.