Save the Pink Elephant

I invite you to test Flight of the Pink Elephant, a game where you have to save your wife from the cannibals by trampling their huts and crunchy bodies!

I like to draw but going with blocky 3D saved a lot of time and worked out nicely this time. The game is simple and unpolished but I find some moments lovely (for example if you're running very fast and a cannibal lassoes you they can end up being dragged through the air) and it's a game insofar that you can win and lose and the outcome is correlated with your cunning. I haven't had time for pits, rocks, rivers, lions, jumping cannibals and pickups dropping from huts but the basic idea is still expressed.

I won't tinker with the gameplay but I'll upload another version tomorrow that has sound. We have some music composed but unrecorded and I love making goofy sound effects so we're going to allow ourselves this little slip. For stricter or more eager judges the silent version is already up! Enjoy!

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I've uploaded a walkthrough video to YouTube in case anyone gets stuck in this complex game :).