Dammit, JIM, beep boop boop beoop!

Today Team Boomslang rallied against the Lurgi, producing artwork for the machine room, engine room, crew quarters, mess and numerous other odds and ends. The space ship was briefly invaded by a flying fish (and fishbowl with castle) but rapid bug fixing saw the rebellion against gravity put down in short order.

In among the flurry of artwork the team continued to hook up plot elements and game logic, sprinkling both liberally with (hopefully) amusing dialogue and references.  The test suite gained a walkthrough test that attempts to play the game through from start to finish.

On the audible front a tool for easily manufacturing beeps was added and, lo, many beeps were created. Boop. The interaction area placement tool was fleshed out and gained better support for a host of different tasks.

Debugging rectangles can now be turned off from the command-line to help pick up aesthetic issues. Animations, descriptions and other items that can't be interacted with no longer highlight the cursor

There's a lot of work to be done tomorrow still but we think we're in reasonable shape. The team plans to meet for breakfast in the morning before commencing the final sprint.

The boomslang is a timid snake.