Day 5? 6? Last minute crunch

Wow, how did it get to be day 6 already. I guess it's technically day 5 for a few more hours. I haven't made much progress, not having any time yesterday, but the core of the game engine is getting pretty close. I'm not as happy with combat as I wanted to be at this point, and there are still tons of little things to do programing wise. I haven't had time to do content at all - there is a good chance that this ships with an editor, some test combat scenes, an editor, and no real levels. on the other hand, since there is an editor, if I do get any time to build some stuff out, that part shouldn't be too difficult.

Most recent addition was equipable armor and weapons. I'm pretty happy with how their stats work. Guns alter your accuracy stat as well as setting the maximum damage. Armor has a coverage defining how likely a shot is to hit that armor, which mitigates some of the damage.