Atack of the Lurgi

The Lurgi continued to march through our ranks, laying low two further members of the team [1]. Despite this, we valiantly struggled on, and it looks like we may have a playable game by the end of the week.

The day saw comparatively little fundamental work on the game engine, which is looking surprisingly solid for only a few days work. Engine work done during the day included:
Much work was done on tightening up the plot and defining the puzzles still needed, and lots of content was added. Other than the final puzzle, all the planning work is done. A number of puzzles went from the plotted to basically implemented, and a bunch of general flavour text got added.

Some rooms acquired artwork, although we still need to colour most of it, and several of the placeholders got replaced.

On the TODO list, the remaining important items are finishing the art, writing the conclusion and recovering from the Lurgi.

[1] The lack of competition for time from work is more than offset by the lack of general productivity due to the Lurgi. Why can't we catch nice illnesses that are just enough to keep people home without interfering with their ability to work on pyweek?