Day 5 = day 1

Catastrophe! We've only realized it's PyWeek already on Tuesday as we went to bed! Yesterday as we recuperated from the panic we threw around some lovely ideas but now they are all in the bin, in favor of Flight of the Pink Elephant!

Now that we have this beautiful concept art all that's left is cutting it into pieces and pasting it on a computer screen! I have already composed a "doom-doom-boom" soundtrack using only three keys of the piano so the audio department is also covered.

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Good luck! Looks like you're a red dwarf fan?
No, and it's the second time a Red Dwarf reference is lost on me! This can only mean I should start watching it...

Not tonight though! The game starts to resemble a game in screenshots but the poor cannibals don't have mass yet. I'll either have to code some rope-physics or send in a missionary.
It's very good. A cyhawk is a creature from it so I just assumed. The elephant looks cool.
Wow, I'll have to learn about this cyhawk creature! And show it to everyone who thought my computer nickname was utter nonsense! Thanks!
Actually I think it might be spelt psyhawk cos it has psychic abilities but it sounds the same.
Your welcome :)