Jumping Physics

Well, the coding is starting to emerge as the commits in our top secret bitbucket repo piles up. I'm mainly working on the physics of the character and it's interaction with the environment. 

Everybody and their brother knows that jumping is an essential part of 2D platformers, so I'm trying hard to get this right. Jumping done right goes way back to the Super Mario series and it's strongly related to how pressing the button controls jump height. A lot of older games have fixed height jumps and they feel unnatural and hard to control. Even though I knew jumping could be done nice or painful, I've never really programmed a 2D platformer and when I tried I never got jumping right. It looks very simple, but I found it very tricky actually. But thanks to this awesome site dissecting the Sonic games physics – the classic ones, not the post 32 bit 3D crap –  jumping is looking good so far! Can't say the same about the game though:

Good ol' programmers art :)