Exercising my maths glands

Spent the last hour doing all sorts of trigonometry to finally get my hit-testing right.  Having spent and wasted valuable time finding far too many solutions to testing points inside overlapping rotated rectangles, I exercised my far too underused maths glands instead and loved every minute of it.  As a result, your CPU might well overheat while playing my game, but that's all part of the user experience!  I could always implement PyCUDA accelerated hit-testing if I get time ... ;)

Anyways, things are finally looking up.  Having dusted off pyglet and cocos2d I finally have a screen full of colourful characters.  The characters know when they hit each other and they might even catch something if I'm lucky.

Unfortunately I'll be pulling long hours working from dawn till dusk tomorrow (and as usual ending up feeling and looking like the bad guys in From Dusk Till Dawn by the end of it) but really look forward to getting back to my game after that.  Sleep is for wimps, eh?

safe on 2010/08/24 21:35 of Superfly Funky Stuff