Version with Windows files uploaded

A generous friend (Michael Foord) has compiled the cython files for me under Windows so I've uploaded a new version with those files bundled. Hopefully cython's internal machinery will be happy to use them:

Download: endless-path-7

I'd be interested to know whether this works for you if you are on Windows and do not have cython installed.

Thanks, Michael!

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Not for me ( win xp, python 2.6.3 , no cython). The console output is:
warning: cython not available (No module named pyximport)
_euclid not available: cannot import name _euclid
_curve not available: cannot import name _curve

If you don't mind could you try cd'ing to the build/lib.win32-2.6/ directory and see if you can import _euclid there?
>>> os.getcwd()
>>> import _curve
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>
File "_euclid.pxd", line 1, in init gamelib._curve (C:\compile\endless-path-6\
ImportError: No module named gamelib._euclid
>>> import _euclid
Ah, excellent. I just need to figure how to fix the path stuff and try importing without pyximport.
Also, adding an empty in gamelib:
>>> os.getcwd()
>>> import gamelib._curve
>>> import gamelib._euclid

In case this isn't already known, it works for me if I don't have Cython installed, but if I do install Cython 0.12.1, then I get:

> python -O
_euclid not available: Building module failed: ['DistutilsPlatformError: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat\n']
_curve not available: Building module failed: ['DistutilsPlatformError: Unable to find vcvarsall.bat\n']

on WinXP with Python2.6
@tartley: I guess you don't have a  build environment installed?
@richard: I understood your initial posting as asking if the game was using the accelerated codepath.
 The console and the in game info text was telling that acceleration was not available, hence my 'Not for me'.
If the question was 'is playable ?' o 'runs at all ?', yes, the game runs well (win xp, python 2.6, no cython)
Sorry if I confused you.
@richard, I do have distutils wired up to use MinGW's gcc, so if pip needs to compile something on install, that works - and I just confirmed that, by installing packages (cython) which compile from source.

However, clearly it is distutils giving me an error here about not finding some Visual C script, so maybe I've done that distutils config wrong or incompletely.

Sorry if I'm just muddying the waters here. I'm not worried about this if you aren't, but am willing to try diagnose if you are.
For the record, yes, my build environment was broken! Sorry for the confusion. All fixed and works fine now.