Well, there we go

The final version of the game has been uploaded. After a bit of research into the many different versions of the files, I managed to find a combo that works really well (it lacks sound though). After a bit of packaging and ReREADMEing, I can present to you:

Wibbly-Wobbly: the Canine Screwdriver

The aim of the game is to finish levels by reaching a particular area of the screen. The area, of course
is invisible, and so are the switches that modify the map in order to make it possible to reach. Luckily there's an omnipotent somebody there to tell you, Wibbly-Wobbly, what to do, God.

For some reason however, God doesn't seem to speak screwdriverish. God uses some weird language that doesn't seem to make sense... Or does it?

Turns out it does (every single word of it)! You "can" finish the game without learning a word of God's language, but it will take a LOT of time, I hope.


Arrows: Movement
Space: Skip cutscene
Escape: Skip cutscene or lose level

The game contains 3 levels 4 cut scenes and an easter egg.


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Based on the awards this game is receiving I think some hints are in order: If you get to prison, it's because you didn't do what God told you.
That's quite correct, Cyhawk. If you do what God says, he will reward you (eventually), if you don't you get into trouble (out of which God can't help you).