Final release

Well that was an interesting challenge .
Also it's quite enlightning to write a project in limited time , tho' would have been better another time I have been very busy this week and couldn't work on it more than 5 hours .
Moreover I uploaded my final submission 5 minutes ago , 10 minutes before the end of the challenge , so couldn't really test it through .

Anyway now it's over so I guess we just have to wait for the results .

Btw some tips about my game :

-I think I uploaded a picture in the rare wich wasn't meant to be there ...Just ignore it x)
-You need to extract the images and the in the same folder.
-If you keep the blob at x=0 it will avoid every spikes , was originaly a bug but kept it to make testing faster and then didn't have time to remove it .
-If you press left and right at the same time while on the ground it will set up a strange dust animation,
a part I couldn't finish , just jump in the air to cancel it .
-In the last level there is an Item(Big box with an I on it)  wich was actually made to solve puzzles and all but since I didn't have time for this either ...You can still pick it up and drop it with the E key .
-Red boxes are supposed to block you , again no time for their art and they only work one way for some reason ...
-Story was made up in 5 minutes before the end of the contest , seems like there is a bug in the starting slideshow , you can watch it directly from the images Story01 to Story07.

Well I think that's it .

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Just in case: You can still upload bugfixed releases 24h after the deadline, if you want. Some of these issues should be easy to fix (like the picture that shouldn't be in the game archive). ^^

Yeah I thought I would just have to give up and delete my entry but thanks god I was able to fix it .